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             ‘Naturalist’ Wild Bird


                  Droll Yankee and Audubon Feeders


One of the best ways to enjoy wildlife in the comfort of your home is to watch birds at a feeder. You’ll be amazed at the variety of birds that will come to your feeder throughout the year. Bird feeding can benefit birds and also provides great bird watching from your own backyard. The obvious time to feed birds is in winter when natural food supplies are scarce; however, additional species visit feeders during the spring and fall migrations, and also during summer while nesting.

Baeten’s has a great selection of bird feeders from Droll Yankee and Audubon for your favorite seed mix, thistle, sunflower, and suet to keep your feathered friends well fed and happy year round. We are also carrying the several varieties of ‘Naturalist’ wild bird seed. Naturalist provides high quality mixtures that the birds love, meaning more of the product you purchase is eaten and not wasted by your backyard friends. Our wide range of mixes helps you attract the array of birds to your feeder while being affordable. Buy your preferred quantity from 5# to 50#.

Charlies Compost

Charlie’s Compost

Charlie’s Compost is a natural fertilizer and soil amendment made right on a poultry farm in Calhoun, Kentucky. They recycle the manure from their chicks with other locally-sourced organic matter, all on site. After eight to ten weeks, naturally-occuring beneficial microbes have transformed these natural products into a complex mix of plant-available nutrients that build up your soil for long-term performance.  Todd has been using this product on his vegetable gardens and is very pleased with the results.





Farm & Garden Supplies

It was sad news in Boone County when Bi-County Co-op closed their doors.  For decades that was the place to go for all farm and garden supplies.  However things change and all of us have to move on.  Baeten’s would like to fill some of those farm and gardening needs.  We will be offering many of the products that Bi-County supplied.   At this time we are in the process deciding which products we will carry.  We know we will be handling bulk garden seed as well as many pasture seeds and fertilizers.   Please call or stop by for more information.

Here is a list of some of the items we will be offering this spring. If there are products you need let us know and we’ll see if we can get them in for you.

  • Garden Seed and Plants
  • Bagged Fertilizer
  • Hay & Pasture Seeds -Grasses, Clover, Alfalfa
  • Pest Controls – Weeds, Insects, Disease
  • Lawn Products
  • Pond and Lake Chemicals
  • Wildlife Plot Seeds



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