Animal Repellents


Deer Scram


Keep your summer landscape lush, green, full of flowers and protected from browsing deer and foraging rabbits. You’ve spent hours and money building your prized gardens, nurturing your beautiful shrubs and growing your striking trees. You don’t want a few hungry deer to come by and literally eat the fruits of your labor! With regular application of Deer Scram deer repellant, you’ll once again enjoy sitting among your attractive flowers, gathering your delicious fruits and vegetables, strolling among the cooling shade of spreading trees. With Deer Scram, you get guaranteed plant protection 24 hours a day!

Deer Scram is …
Granular … No mixing or spraying!
All Natural … It’s organic!
A Perimeter Barrier … Sprinkle a protective strip around your plants and beds rather than spraying repellent o leaves, flowers and vegetables!
Rain Resistant! … Deer Scram won’t wash off or dissolve in water. Deer Scram Lasts up to 45 days!
Not Offensive! … Deer Scram doesn’t smell terrible like many sprays. Deer Scram stops deer and rabbits with good biology, not foul odors. Deer Scram smells like a mild fertilizer, which it is!
The best deer repellant … Long-lasting spring and summer plant protection from deer browsing and rabbit munching.

America’s Finest Deer and Rabbit Repellent – is all natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe and guaranteed to keep deer and rabbits away from your prized gardens, shrubs and trees, while not being offensive to humans.
Deer Scram won’t harm animals, the environment and, most importantly, you and your family. Blended from selected organic components, Deer Scram will keep deer off your plantings because it convinces deer that harm is nearby through their uncanny sense of smell. Deer Scram will change deer behavior. As they near the applied barrier of Deer Scram, deer actually alert to a sense of danger – even death!

Remember that Deer Scram effectively protects your favorite plants from rabbit damage as well as deer. Rabbits dislike Deer Scram as much as deer. Get rid of rabbits that eat your flowers and vegetables.

Mole Scram

Mole Scram™ has been proven to quickly and effectively reduce and eliminate mole activity! Our all natural organic repellant contains active ingredients. Mole Scram also contains two other highly effective natural active ingredients that make it strong … and it’s fast-acting too!

Triple-Action Protection Against Moles
• Bad Taste — Makes moles’ food hard to digest
• Bad Smell — Strong to them, but mild to us
• Less Food — Reduces insect population on the ground

More Active Ingredients

• No More Disfigured Lawns!
• Natural Repelling Power!
• Fast-Acting Granular Formula!
• No Mixing or Spraying!
• Effective in All Seasons!
• 100% Biodegradable!
• Wont Hurt Animals!

Stop moles now from tunneling through your lawns, gardens, landscapes and flowerbeds now!


Repels Moles and other small animals from your lawn, garden and flower bed. Can be used in other areas such as ornamental turf, golf courses and athletic fields.

Liquid Fence

Liquid Fence’s all natural Deer Repellent is designed to offer you year-round protection from deer and rabbits. Like all of Liquid Fence’s animal repellents, our deer and rabbit repellent is proven effective at safely repelling deer and rabbits. Deer are constantly foraging for food, eating evergreens, shrubs and other landscape plants.