Listed below are some of the more popular varieties that we typically stock during the season. However, due to various reasons, we may not have every variety listed at all times. To make sure that we have the exact variety you are looking for in stock, please call us.

Fruit Trees



Red Delicious Apple: This tree is a standard by which all other Red Delicious cultivars are compared. Fruit is sweet, crisp and beautiful. Tree is typical spur-type and produces heavy crops of extra-fancy type fruit. Pollinator required. Semi-dwarf.

Gala Apple: The very best fresh-eating apple, sweet and crunchy, matures in late summer. This red-orange apple brings the highest prices in grocery stores and fruit markets. Pollinator required. Semi-dwarf . Zone: 5

Granny Smith Apple: A green late-season favorite that keeps well. Heavy annual crops. Tart and full of flavor. Pollinator required. Semi-dwarf.

Honeycrisp Apple: This dessert quality juicy apple is crisp with a mildly sweet yet delicate flavor. The skin is striped scarlet-red over pale yellow. The tree is tolerant to severe winter temperatures. Pollinator required. Semi-dwarf.

Golden Delicious Apple: The original Golden Delicious and still the best. Sweet and spicy. Most popular apple world over. Self-pollinating. Semi-dwarf

Braeburn Apple: A bi-colored variety, the thin yellow skin of the Braeburn apple is covered with a red to orange blush and highlighted with red stripes. The stripes and blush vary in hue dependent upon the apples maturity and the climate in which it ripened. Its crisp flesh is creamy yellow and juicy, offering a classic apple taste. The Braeburn apple’s flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and just slightly tart with subtle hints of pear and cinnamon. Semi-dwarf

Red Fuji Apple: Fuji’s success lies in the extremely high quality fruit it produces which is great for both fresh eating and baking. Skin color is an attractive pink stripe over a green-yellow background. Keeps well. Semi- dwarf Pollinator required.


Regina Cherry: A new German variety. High quality, large dark red firm fruit. Pollinator required. Semi-dwarf.

Blackyork (Eastern Bing) Cherry: Blackyork produces the same large, firm, delicious cherries as Bing cherry, but is much better suited for growing under eastern conditions. Blackyork is resistant to bacterial canker and cracking. Requires pollination. Semi-dwarf.

Blackgold Cherry: This sweet, dark red fleshed cherry is a hybrid of Stark Gold and Stella. It combines the best of both parents to produce heavy crops of beautiful, heart shaped fruit with excellent flavor and crack resistant skin. Semi-dwarf. Self-pollinating.



Delicious Plum: This in one of the best plums available and an exclusive Stark variety. This is a consistently heavy bearer of red fleshed fruit that is luscious and great for desserts. A clingstone that will produce extra large fruit if thinned to at least 4″ between plums. Japanese. Pollinator required. Semi-dwarf.

Santa Rosa Plum: This large plum with its deep red-purple shin and amber flesh is juicy and delicious. Best for fresh eating, deserts,snacks and canning. Must be pollinated by another Japanese plum.


Belle of Georgia Peach: A late season, white fleshed freestone peach that is exceptionally hardy. Mature fruit has a wonderful aroma and very sweet characteristic taste. Self-pollinating. Dwarf

Reliance Peach: The hardiest peach available, produces heavy consistent crops. For planting in those cold areas or on poor sites for consistent crops of high quality, yellow fleshed peaches. Freestone. Self-pollinating. Dwarf.


Kieffer Pear (European): A large green-yellow pear that matures late. Long-lived trees are resistant to fire blight. Fruit is best for fresh eating and winter keeping. Self-pollinating. Will pollinate other European pears. Semi-dwarf

Hardy Giant Asian: This giant sized (3”-4”) round Asian pear has excellent flavor. Fruit is russet brown when ripe and best for fresh eating and canning. Must be pollinated by another early blooming Asian pear. Semi-dwarf.