Ground Covers


What are ground covers?
Ground covers are plants that spread and cover the ground. Most are easy to grow and maintain and have a fast growth rate. Some of the most popular varieties are English Ivy, Pachysandra, Periwinkle and Liriope. These varieties have traditionally been used over the years but the list goes on and on. Almost any low-growing perennial can be used as a ground cover, such as certain herbs, vines, small ornamental grasses, ferns, hostas, sedums and moss.

Where to use ground covers
Ground covers can be used wherever you have trouble growing grass or on steep slopes where a lawn is not practical or under trees where there are lots of roots.

Use ground covers to frame or trim a bed or path, between stepping stones or in rock gardens. Many varieties can be used for a cascading effect over stone or brick walls. Some ground covers can even handle foot traffic. Scented varieties work very nicely along pathways or between stepping stones.

How to plant ground covers
When planting your ground covers it is very important to pick the right plant for the right place. Make sure you know your sun or shade conditions and soil conditions before you pick your plants. Also, good drainage is especially important with ground covers, so make sure you have prepped your soil. If chosen and planted properly your ground covers can last for many years with minimal care and attention.