For beautiful and continuous blooms in Summer and Fall, nothing beats Hydrangeas. The long-blooming flower clusters of Hydrangea shrubs come in a variety of interesting shapes , sizes and flower color. While many are perfect for that shady area of your garden, there are also hydrangeas that perform well in the sun. If I could only have one variety of flowering shrub in my yard it would definitely be Hydrangeas.
Here are many of the Hydrangeas we carry.




Endless Summer ‘The Original’

Endless Summer

The first repeat blooming mophead Hydrangea. Remove spent flowers to have blooms from spring to fall. Cut emerging spring growth back to half to increase the number of pink (in alkaline soil) or blue (in acidic soils with sufficient aluminum) blooms. Blooms on old and new wood.

Twist and Shout Bloom

Twist & Shout

Endless Summer® Twist & Shout

Twist-n-Shout is a big leaf, lacecap hydrangea. Each flower cluster has a lacy center of tiny, fertile budlike flowers surrounded by a rim of larger, non-fertile flowers, each with four petals. The flower clusters are long-lasting on the bush or as cut flowers. Twist-n-Shout plants have striking red stems, and in the fall the leaves turn to a deep burgundy. Like all ‘Endless Summer varieties this blooms on old or new wood.




Endless Summer® BloomStruckBloomstruck

This showstopper explodes with Mophead blooms covering rounded, compact plants. Blooms mature to shades of purple or rosy red (depending on soil pH) extending the display into fall, followed by rich, burgundy-red foliage. Flowering occurs on both old wood and new growth, assuring flowers even after a severe winter.

Let's Dance Starllight

Let’s Dance ‘Starlight’


Let’s Dance® Starlight

A reblooming lace-cap Hydrangea, Starlight has elegant summer flowers held upright on strongstems. Blooms on both old and new wood and is superior to other rebloomers on the market, with heavier bloom, excellent flower color and thicker, glossier leaves with excellent cold tolerance. Soil pH affects
blossom color; blue in highly acidic soils and lilac to pink in slightly acidic to alkaline soils. Reaches 2 to 3
ft. tall and wide.



Let’s Dance®MoonlightLet's Dance Moonlight

The Let’s Dance® Hydrangea series represents the next generation of reblooming hydrangeas, selected for
exceptionally vibrant flower color and sturdy stems. Moonlight offers large, vividly colored mopheadflowers in summer, with the added bonus of great fall foliage color. Blooms every year on both old and new wood. Soil pH affects blossom color; blue in highly acidic soils and lilac to pink in slightly acidic to
alkaline soils. Great massed, in containers, or as a cut flower. Reaches 2 to 3 ft. tall and wide.



Pinky Winky™

Pinky Winky has an unusual name, and an even more unusual flower. The large panicles open white in
mid-to-late summer, turning to pink as the season progresses, for a two-toned effect. This hardy selection
blooms every year. An outstanding specimen plant, massed in the landscape or as a cut flower. Reaches 6
to 8 ft. tall and wide.