Useful Information Links

If you have a question when our store isn’t open, here are some links on the world wide web that you may find helpful. But do plan to stop by with your questions and take a look around, at Baeten’s Nursery & Greenhouses our focus is not on thousands of other products, but plants and all things plant-related!

University of Kentucky Horticulture Site
Gardening information from the University of Kentucky. This is where you can find information such as how to grow Blueberries, Grapes, Fruit Trees, Veggies as well as flowers, trees and shrubs. There is also information regarding plant diseases and how to control them. It’s a great site with tons of information. Take a quick tour.

All the information you need about trees
A company that offers plants                                                                    logo2
A full-service plant company

Ohio State University Web Garden
Plant information from Ohio State University
Farmers Almanac