To keep your poinsettia looking its best through the holidays just follow these simple steps.



Bringing it home
Even though poinsettias bloom in December, they do not like the cold. When transporting your poinsettia make sure it’s protected from temperatures below 50°. Even for a quick trip outdoors it may be prudent to wrap it in paper and preheat your car.

Over-watering is a common mistake. Simply check the soil every day or so, waiting for it to feel a little dry to the touch, then give it some water. Don’t wait so long that the leaves wilt. Also do not over-water or allow your poinsettia pot to sit in the water. Too much water will cause the root to rot. Pour off any excess water, or place your poinsettia pot on a tray of pebbles. This will prevent the roots from ‘drowning’ and provide some helpful humidity at the same time.

Feed it every few weeks with a water soluble fertilizer, such as 20-20-20.

Poinsettias do not need a lot of light to stay colorful through the holidays. If you do have access to natural light in your home or office your poinsettia will be extra vibrant through January and more. Rotate as needed to help it grow straight.

To prolong your poinsettia’s bright color the room temperature should not exceed 72° in the day or fall below 60° at night. Prevent the hot afternoon sun from shining directly on the plants. Keep your poinsettia away from drafts, radiators and hot air registers.