Livingston Seeds

For smaller garden we carry Livingston Seed Packs. Each packet offers the same high quality seed for the same amazing value that Livingston Seed is known for! Every packet contains easy to read, helpful information.


Tall Fescue Grass Seed

  • Quick germination and lawn establishment.
  • Withstands heavy traffic from children and pets.
  • Top -rated in national test for drought resistance.
  • A beautiful lawn in challenging soils

Contractor Mix Turf  Type

  • Turf Fescues and Ryegrass mix for quick establishment.

Contractor Mix

  • Ky 31 and Ryegrass for soil stabilization in poor soils.

Farm Hay and Pasture Seed

  • Grasses – Fescues, Timothy, Orchard Grass, Bluegrass, Wheat and Oats
  • Clover – Red, White, Ladino, Sweet
  • Alfalfa – Traditional or Round-Up ready
  • Wild life Plot Seeds – Deer and Turkey